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tv   KRON 4 News Weekend  KRON  June 21, 2014 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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is the place for news kron 4 bay area's news station. >> : what look at fairfield five alarm fire ripped through a neighborhood coming appreciative the damage caused by the blaze >> : . pay more your bart station if you plan to park your car there explain how much more you be paying. tonight iconic location san francisco tonight closing to drivers 1 how lombard street is closed and why >> : it's a lot for joining us on kron 4 news weekend it is 7:00 a.m. we hope you're having a good saturday morning: get things starting by checking out the weather >> : and only as a saturday bud's the first official day of summer of the summer solstice kicks in and around 4:00 our time. heading up a
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pretty mild weather right now high clouds streaming into the in terms of low cloud cover and farm it remains along the coast >> : kurt fairfield 51 nappa. 53 for san francisco. temperatures first upper 50s for daly city. mother nature put a blanket of the bay area that's where temperatures are called this morning. with a start to burn off and the afternoon revealing the '80s and lends it temperatures a little warmer than where we should be for this time of year. some expected and said the bay below 6 is for the coast >> : tomorrow carbon copy of " state see today. we do have subtle changes to talk about early next week in fact we could see some rain that's very unusual for this time of year. details on that clustered seven there and bay coming up and 15 >> :
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to develop news in fairfield fire crews continue to me and by on the brush fire that grew to five alarms last night destroyed or damaged several homes and buildings >> : fire was out flexible local sporting an hour ago the fire department came back out and ease to the pile of rubble another good soap and water. a much better look at the damage caused by this 5 a. brush fire totally ripped through the middle of this neighborhood the blaze started 345 yesterday entered at 6680 strong winds then pushed over the interstate ensample is ripping through this neighborhood near cordele your road in central wade. a video hookup the short ship with the g7 news is the smoke billowing in. firefighters battled the blaze on the ground and in the air and caught fire use a helicopter and a drug or
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water drops of the afternoon. and of the fire went to fire alarms and destroyed one home damaged two others and burned down several outbuildings and the blaze forced nearby residents to a cure for several hours we spoke with one man who said the flames would spread to his home >> : sparks changes direction or in dry grass it takes off like a wildfire >> : they did not fire contained about it o'clock. cause a fire remains under investigation over the past 16 hours fire crews talked about the drybrush really active for the blaze. as again see off the distance to stop a lot drybrush in this neighborhood serious stuff for those in this community >> : tupper pour weakened to the wind blowing across the microphone and we see the moving of the trees there is a big problem yesterday
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continuous to gust again this morning perhaps >> : by a cruise talk but yesterday it is sought numbers drifting over the interstate and cause problems. fortunately those winds calmed, steaming and not coincidentally the what exactly the got this far under control >> : and wondered keeping here we can continue to follow the latest on this brush fire in fairfield and continue to keep an eye on the scene also update for you on our website kron4-dot-com as well as our facebook and twitter pages >> : fire in berkeley left 10 people of all homes this morning. officials say asserted on the ground floor of a house i'm ok way and then spread to the attic. firefighters called 1:00 this morning and had the fire out by 2:00 a.m.. their officials say the damage caused by the blood is estimated at three under thousand dollars. tenedos displaced received assistance from friends and
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american red cross. call the fire still under investigation this morning. to men arrested because the victim there oba gunpoint give a very good description of the suspect. it happened thursday afternoon with the gun was robbed at gunpoint. to assemble the give description of the car robbers later that night they found the car and suspects that some nine a bancroft. they were able positively identify them. police say fund illegally possess firearms and the car that charged for the robbery >> : in a rustic california taking steps this morning. the sexual violence ought to stop sexual violence. new task force group develops systemwide practices for all areas of sexual violence protection investigation and response >> :
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stringent for about the domestic violence stalking impressment >> : the fee paid for several bart stations going up by 50¢ next month as of next two dozen stations and the bay area the first feet high goes effective july 14th the rest follow on july 28th many stations including dublin pleasanton in san bruno named to. bart says it will buy you a parking lot use it every six months and may change the fee depending on how awful lot to our. jugful list of the increasing prices in check the website at kron4-dot- com >> : severs is the parking meters on sunday and the mta and the announcement earlier this week but there are several exceptions to this change. people have to feed the leader of the parking newport sentences goshen from fisherman's wharf and asset them to see a parking
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lots will be placing fliers and cars to remind the public of the change the new policy goes into effect on july 6th. traffic on famous lumbar street in san francisco closed for the public starting at noon today those who live on and around the of the mystery long complained of traffic because the summary source to take pictures and one boy in the streets. says this weekend will burst through walls because of a fourth of july and the other regions as well. brown and the public works to to look on how close are fixed area a good decision on long-term plans for a famous street the list zero of women's clothes on a website kron4- dot-com >> : entered new jersey gov. discussing rumors what he'll be running worries about the upcoming auction plus for schism was now to your this
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is been reported and how you can stay safe >> : learning more from parents of victims from all of us a shooting what they're saying about how police handled that deadly shooting a storybre >> :
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in the first victims of the shooting rampage your refresh on how authorities are handling the case parents of james caan david wong infortune criticized investigators for not telling them how blue the late roger kill the students >> : also angry the break with legal systems bodies found in the apartment building only roger live on the night but he went on a killing spree here you see said barbara >> : cut across the health officials of first union case was now virus in the bay area, officials say the victim as a man and is 6 days now to the hospital recovering in >> : so far this month said six
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persons kutcha costa county test positive for the virus, officials say they're very simple steps you can avoid contracting the almost >> : insect repellents and the outside dusk to dawn or protecting with clothing of dump any water that's from the house >> : a 5% of the people who contract was now buyers don't even know that they haven't. there's also evidence that people over the age of 50 the rest of diabetes and hypertension and be more vulnerable to us now month it back here with more will have the latest on the most wanted felon and has tied to the bay area but first wanted to live look outside the view from maariv camp and erica has forecast when we come back >> :
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and study day with con 4 news began to right now heading out of clogged court look clouds along the coastline high-cost up the bay and inland areas we take a look at the day planner heading into a car wreck this plans. devonshire's mainly in lotus upper 50s reducing clear lunchtime if it is after an expected a hit after anti's temperatures and low 60s along the coastline '70s and said the bed mid-80s four warmest inland areas >> : against a loss covering the bay area burns off said the we had in the afternoon reeling '70s and '80s for places in the south bay cupertino hitting 86 on view fremont's a day high of 74. similar conditions in these bailout of sunshine. a stole breezy and bohai your elevation. dan: " the sun is a vallejo 06 along the coast
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of the upper 50s for ocean beach. the ones not to bad- 77 06 and wrote to a high as 68. before the weekend for the toyota stay more than 350 nascar racing conditions for morning hours by the afternoon we will warm things up until mid to upper '70's >> : seven they are the bay forecast although monday tuesday a fairly warm because see now what happens at a later half a league. as a from a low pressure. expecting to move closer to the northern california coastline some of the models are backing off on on a possibility right now i have done to a 10 percent chance very unusual to see any rain for this time of year because see some showers will to the no. perhaps portions of nevada as well and and perhaps as long we are learning more about this guy.
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>> : stockton please tell us a 30 year-old jeremy meat has felony convictions related to a 2002 theft from a person and sonntag county also know hit a mother's turn a kron fund-raiser page to us raise money for posting bail is set to $1 million is a father-son and this led set-tos turn his life around. the man was arrested wednesday morning truck was stolen weapon and related charges next court date is june 27th. ever since our employees was the story on the fifth pitch people start sharing photo now making national news. given conversation on our facebook page >> : president obama says workplace policies outdated
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the child-care family overall workplace flexibility not thrilled their basic needs. despite the fact the u.s. one of three countries does not require paid maternity leave the president doesn't get some businesses are not going to isn't the only family policies. he is planning a summit on working families on sunday. in jersey gov. christie at the campaign store in new hampshire friday night he is the supporting republican will kerosene. catherine a fund-raiser as we consider the present round trip >> : if we as party don't have zero right groundwork for a government owners. we are as strong as >> :
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democratic maggie this fall in new hampshire >> : national park service is trying to ban drones from 84 million a. of public lands border was officials say the drones' often annoyed visitors cross wildlife threatened safety >> : good service record also ordering park officials to write rules barring watching when the operation of drones' several parts such as grand canyon and on our band drones they are separate from the faa banned from commercial drawn flustered on to a government bent but talked- about drug is to blame. will be hundreds of people the popular support of huckleberry and other
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campsites outside the park entrance has all >> : parts death were disappointed as well majority of the people understand severe drought. unreal rely on nature for water. but that aren't running critically low and a normal year tempers cool off in the creek here but not the ser no drinking water no water for cooking showers and no water for flushing toilets. the park is still open today year's visitors who must bring their own water the thousands of reservations for campsites are being cancelled our visitors with reservations for the duration of june and made those calls and send an e-mail to all those with reservations providing full refunds and roll their reservation for to next year. you can actually see
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nothing's going with mr. run home run. for its first homerun and two weeks. singles to the shift in the red seal then turning now to the eighth inning the a's could progress coming up big for the day is the to run single right in the enddriving d first save. a's caught the a's will remain six games up over the angels and the ls trend continues scuffled the job 61 the road or engineers analyze my friends a study of strong with the spirit bubbles and of all in left- center field gets by to win back outfielders. but suppose it's an assault was more the third rbi triple
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only giants run of the night tammuz become an going well in the fourth six innings allowing seven hits in four runs. jazz coach don again for to one arizona bledsoe would lead the analyst at 9 as the last 10 games >> : after lonely absence to back problems tiger woods says congressional country club near washington d.c. next weekend to meet time native american lazuli second on the u.s. open. 11 year-old from growth world talking carter 78 thursday's first- round wins u.s. open shot another 78 on friday the finisher 16 over par to miss, but she was the story for the first two games of the tournament. here she is talking about the experience >> : it was a lot of fun because i had to great playing partners stand patient and
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and odby to aed sar. oh ay, bodyse tse crberr a gun kron 4 news again developing news this morning from fairfield are fire crews continue to keep an eye on a brush fire. a blaze occurred five alarms last night. destroying or some palms and a damaging others >> : it and see the track of fire the gun went to the center of the stable total of burned debris this morning even similar homes in the background the came very near the burning as well
7:31 am
with the fire that burned for four hours yesterday first interstate's the city was rode strong winds and watched members over the interstate >> : black smoke billowing into the sky firefighters battled a blaze on the ground and in the air calories' helicopter made water drops throughout the afternoon the fire went to far hot fire alarms officials say in totally destroyed one home damaging two others and burned down at least for all buildings creed neighbor tells me this one a couple in their 20s and across it does giving them up to replace the state. call the and fire remains under investigation for several residents to evacuate. one of those of the keys the way home that
7:32 am
you see on the screen apart than at 8:00 this morning will also show you damaged home. >> : wind is starting to die down and we will encounter reconditions and see actually is so low changes a lot look from montana. dealing with more cloud cover this morning for four hours ago centers mainly in the fifties but by the afternoon's eighth year for today will see high of 79 sunday in oakland in the days on livermore valley and the 79 in san jose >> : looking ahead into tomorrow very similar forecast we see not much change in temperatures before they peak allen into one it tuesday looking ahead for the latter half of next week. instability we saw someone's old weather perhaps some shawn's even
7:33 am
some drizzle. full details on line 7 thereof a bit forecast coming up 50 minutes >> : berkeley moving forward to plans to go for climate change warning labels on gas and the city. the advisory committee calls on draft ordinance to do just that the label informing drivers out burning gas releases carbon dioxide and the senate californian determine those emissions causing global warming >> : could a business school hill college in danger of shutting down because the for-profit company that runs zero hundred 50 roll institution is understood to be up but the government would department of education the rating of the july x's of a financial aid money because and not turn over the records the government is requesting >> : ideations of the late phosphides in job data in the commercial. two other colleges run by current yen
7:34 am
while tech and everett also in jeopardy. 2000 students receive one-half billion dollars since living class a one campus and the ford area says it will be tragic for them of the schools close to >> : all people are changing gloves and think that could be stop to interrupted and moments notice would not only because emotional damage but also financial to people. we should hope that this rectifies as soon as possible >> : if the fcc and executive with corinthian says the company committed to redoubling its efforts to get the department of education records they're requesting, attested to do more to guard the area or
7:35 am
>> : after the teenager if so that he easily jump the security fence at san jose international airport sucked in to the wheel well often all why inbound flight back in april. a representative who recover parsley's plan for pushing a lot more security rezaiyeh saw well for the airport call 40 as a study to is taught to test that analogy to better secure perimeters and a large security the moment there is a breach >> : sunnyvale searching is one of four or man they say is behind a stabbing kidnapping. of valencias exodus of stabbing former girlfriend kidnapping a chow. is since then be reunited with the mother and since it to survive the stabbing. she should be considered dangerous and not confront him but call stories instead >> : two bodies found in milpitas
7:36 am
video over the same and how got a partnership with abc seven news the bodies found around the hidden lake park they are investigating this of homicide so far no suspects have been arrested >> : and here's san fransico tech boom exploding again company contrast news business to the >> : bar business as the in the in the design center area where they want to go >> : content for about the could be forced out from currents of the social media giant >> : business drops off the girls lead a normal life even have a job after this business is in the design center heard it would be paid to relocate but they're not sure whether finding other portable space will be possible at this time the interest of not final for story brick building is not designed for
7:37 am
office space and legislation to change that is currently stalled at city hall month some 37 coming upstarts lovers listen up you will be soon paying more for your favorite brew will explain why the coffee chain ended a decided change its prices >> : and this is last year's world's ugliest dog dethroned we should do this year's newly crowned winter. >> : coming up and the next addition of people behaving badly >> :
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beckham kron 4 news again taking a look a bit store is one i five alarm fire in fairfield has been contained the blaze started yesterday the 45 this nice several homes are still ventilations
7:41 am
friday afternoon as its own huge plumes of smoke in the air also out traffic on a standstill at a time. fire contained in a class 9 >> : this man and as the hot sun of the ties bay area here me getting a lot of attention that there is now shot and viral. currently behind bars for felony weapon in gang- related charges. this morning we learn this is a residence on a time back in 2002. sec kron kron 4 facebook fan page help with legal fees >> : to remarks first-day lombard's in san francisco closed to traffic this after residents complained that to your vest cause traffic jams >> : and closure stars in new masks until 6:00 today first weekend of closures more coming throughout the summer. for the exact dates look at our website kron4- dot-com tracy morgan's publicists have been
7:42 am
transferred to a rehab center were here covers for the several weeks he as as you know badly injured that conclusion mark shot slammed into a limo bus with four others on the jersey a turnpike. killed in the crash. he was tossed bonds the broken ribs and broken femur broken legs to the wal-mart driver kevin roberts turned himself and then i of the crash pleaded not guilty >> : more on what's happening in hollywood with entertainment reporter >> : in the meantime be read back >> : heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures.
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what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. watch tv virtually anywhere with the u-verse tv app. with at&t, the u-verse revolves around you. nassau releasing satellite pictures of this dramatic spectacle out the lentic ocean earlier as swirling lighter colored portion of the ocean actually huge photo plankton blooms as a microscopic organisms but when conditions are just write a sudden explosive growth paul bloom happens if you see there. it can cover
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hundreds of square miles and last several weeks. although individuals with little but lincoln lived a few days >> : wont to say earlier first this article summer solstice we are seeing almost 15 hours of sunlight. will be beautiful day temperatures warmer than average for in one spot. we are dealing with marine miry now. the high clouds and most of bay area for lotion. as a signal to temperatures had a good job getting breakfast sentences of 3759 leading concord >> : satellite imagery shows marine layer not too deep not to it and pushing some high clouds and out livermore rally is >> : whether the to the burn off by the afternoon watter 70's 80's campbell to a three and six among do. evergreen looking pretty good at the
7:47 am
high of 85 >> : such unexpected and the east bay. a sixth in when that 17 of north >> : vallejo hitting 7760 and richmond. what color it all along the coastline. nappa 1079 and 70 for those and oakland's >> : enough spending your weekend at the sonoma raceway for the save mart 350 we are looking for a cloud cover for the morning hours last whats the sun shines of news and to the afternoon in his sunday on the bay forecast will warm things up and monday tuesday to edition of the enormous day of the week we are tracking of aerial pressure pulse of the bay area you don't bring us a year in but the models of back off and then there's the 10 percent chance likely we see a drizzle month >> : or traverse stop and the high won a one is not
7:48 am
something one would expect to see it >> : but if you hang your at the golden gate bridge toll plaza services along enough a few things he might not spared the scene >> : like this one cycle is missing is the exit door and on our way instead normally that story would end here except he ran he apparently didn't like my answer now not required to show i.d. but then diffuses situation i did >> :
7:49 am
as he walks away he says is not to touch with me just yet >> : answered news to people 10 mi. faces. >> : important to note for every action there's a reaction reaction motorcyclist in march by a camera one in this building >> : golden gate bridge patrol quickly caught up with him to and concern call chp he was issued hard to get the bond on all wrapped insurance driving on suspended license moral the story of your writing dirty might be good idea to of all the rules of the road but your read credit the dirty dozen matter does it just
7:50 am
think handicap this, rolled away and only be a brief mention in this people behaving badly segment. but instead this war, >> : from california's central valley done so bad from the insurance department say feet thieves are stealing water one homer and hot water tank " holds now watter it was all just was weaker this week rather boat up nose and the burly drained by thieves or the passing months once so underwater eight different times. the thieves struck up the back yard kick in the fence and but but their religion water supply >> : as horrible if they go out showing can flush toilets can wash our hands as horrible. the goslin and $75
7:51 am
to refill the tank each time. the do have a sign on the tank warned thieves a stay away but the family says another long to install surveillance cameras >> : and about time and expense of four belong to a at starbucks raising prices on some drinks by a nickel all live up to 20¢ starting next week it can expect to pay up to 20¢ more for lots of smoke and drink depending on where you live >> : coverage is going up by 15¢ tears start says the presence increase tuesday of for now press the food and pastries so let's start box will not go meantime pressures store customers feel the biggest that cost of a dollar more for packaged coffee the starbucks sells them in some markets reason and part suit rising coffee bean prices >> : and commenting on the story no more price increases
7:52 am
already overpriced no more time to boycott >> : date starbucks are paying for employees to go to college worth every penny >> : for more than 100 bay area since prove that does because schools out the wording doesn't have to stop learning sought day celebration held friday center plaza. sports arts and crafts science and reading activities several community leaders also on hand to talk about importance of summer learning in order to prevent loss of academic skills >> : do not missed kron for summer family ventures with our special some fabulous one day and ventures in great summer fun for the whole family our special next friday june 27th than 9:00 p.m. here on kron 49 the pooch that won the world agreed a list dog contest was coming up in the
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meantime to like a live look outside in see low lying far we will be right back month
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is a lot of videos but there is a switch this cat anticipating the arrival was owner a socialist and away the cat so excited he literally jump for joy >> : were chosen for the world level is dog contest snowmelt run county faired take a look in his name as peanut the winner or raise
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money for that n.c. up fund- raising website. the order is dog said he had been set on fire by previous owners. the website says that he not was an animal hospital for nine months recovering before adopted pr receives $1,500 for winning the title of what world it was dongen but catching on fire coming up on news weekend we will tell you where it happened and what happens causing the blaze >> : president obama of making changes to the odbc committee you will show the moves of what's happening. new broadway play in san francisco are cast member from one about the show coming up 845 north live look outside the bay bridge toll plaza of oakland 77 degrees warming up to 70 by the afternoon >> :
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mom: well, i use bount.. kerri:oo! use sparkle®. it's just right for cleaning up everyday little sses sparkl®. the bright way to ean.
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of fairfield five alarm fire ago when to a neighborhood destroying several buildings coming up will hear from one woman as of end of the from her house >> : . a pay more to plan to park your car at how much more you will be paying >> : i kind location to lombard street is closing and why
8:01 am
today officially the first day of summer what that said for over 14 hours of daylight starting things of right we do have high clouds signal i live from rv. camera over cathedral held affiliate. wide range of 50 is a little cooler for an unsponsored. with that said low 60s along the coast but seven days of for some bay locations and '80s for warmest inland areas we do have changes to talk about having an early next week in fact will be back in the '90s full details on that coming up in 15 minutes >> : and begin developing news the sri from fairfield or fire crews keeping an eye on a brush fire their that blazed through to five alarms last nine destroying or damaging several homes.
8:02 am
on us in this morning what for us with the latest >> : senate restored in what the level this morning. 5 a. brush fire to its share of damage to destroy one call in for outbuildings for one home burned down a cure miscreant >> : it tells also a neighbor in the '20s that they lost everything the bathtub here only thing that did not now in this boy is a blaze that was sparked in fuelled by winds drybrush year in the interest of 680 lows road starts 345 in the afternoon yesterday strong winds then pushed members over the interstate and central place into the neighborhood near cordillera road and away from hr partnership with abc seven news this mutt billowing into the sky fire crews contained the blaze by about 8:00 last night but
8:03 am
ordered evacuations those visiting nearby. one woman up so much of u.s. dollhouse you plans a few feet away from new >> : casas' all over here. and what damage is there to house. we did have pinned it and go all those exploded fifth >> : to the camera 6:00 after several eyespots could back up, and the fire remaining under investigation to look up all the damage were just beginning to see neighbors, are their homes and take all this and the good news is no one was seriously hurt and thus far we are told one firefighter did sustained minor injuries >> : to check within over the morning >> : to keep it soon and we
8:04 am
continue to fall late as an this wildfire fairfield will keep an eye on the scene as mentions. also updates for your kron4-dot-com also facebook twitter pages as well. berkeley was left without homes of the official said a fire star on kron for the fault home. and spread to the attic. firefighters called la o'clock this morning half had the fire out by 2:00 a.m. fire officials say the damage caused a fire estimated at 300,000 but dollars. receive assistance from the american red cross cause of the boys still under investigation this morning >> : and oakland police arrested two men because the victim there on a gun pointing gave them a good description of the suspects >> : have been thursday afternoon on 35th ave. the plot the point it will give police a description of the car and robbers and that night the police spotted the car and
8:05 am
that samarium bancroft. positively identified the man. illegally possess a firearm was found in the car in charge for the robbery >> : and california taking is steps toward sexual the violence stopped. prices is for all area of protection and the investigation and response the pap test scores will include border regions campus police mcmath advocacy groups. the victims say earlier this year they went to domestic violence stopping harassing >> : this affects nearly two dozen stations in the bay area first the high goes into effect july 14th the rest followed july 28th at many stations including dublin pleasanton's under no part says is going to
8:06 am
evaluate the parking lot usage every six months and may change how the pending talks are >> : starting next month free parking surfaces and parking meters sunday of the announcement made earlier this week. several exceptions to the change people have to feed the meter's ticking and parking and the poor south francisco fisherman's wharf and some parking lots. it we placing flowers on cars run the public of the change in policy goes into effect july 6th. traffic on thinness lumbar since then francisco closed to the public starting in today those who live on and around this famous street long complained of traffic because the tourists flocking back and pictures and making the winding street. its sides of this weekend also close on the fourth of july and also to the region as well the
8:07 am
department of public works plans to take a look at how the closure affects the area and that a decision about long-term plans for the famous street. ballista well because anna website @ kron4-dot-com >> : and 07 this saturday morning coming up with small virus discovered in the bay area how you can keep yourself safe from the virus >> : in jersey gov. christie asked about 2016 and how what esa >> : f and the u.s. soccer team gave up a game against portugal and how they're preparing to brave the elements in the rainforest >> :
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okay buddy, what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... but apple cinnamon is my favorite too... and fruity... oh yeah, and frosted! okay, but...what's you're most favorite of all? hmm... the kind i have with you. me too.
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will cisco kron if kron4- dot-com click on rewards register log in to enter the word solstice the star in prizes in points enter for a chance when cool prizes >> : calf cut across the county reporting this year's first you in case was now virus in the bay area this summer as a man and his 50s who thought a hospital recovering >> : much it costs to cut it to us a positive filovirus.
8:11 am
insect repellents being aware of the inside and outside the dust on also to dumb any water on the house >> : and also some evidence that people over age 50 and those to of diabetes and hypertension may be more honorable to us now. national park service to try and a ban drones' from 84 million a. of public lands and waters officials say hanoi visitors abreast while less than threaten safety park service tractor ordering park officials to rules the bar the launching landing operation of drones several parks such as grand canyon and i national park are banned jones section separate from the faa ban on commercial grown floyd's month much more ahead on news weekend take a live
8:12 am
look outside the for more of him shows sunshine and stethoscope and forecast coming up >> :
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
some people think it's the day after labor day or memorial that but today's summer solstice so we actually see long as day more daylight than any other day this year. a lot of people looking forward to that and get out and enjoy it. starting off with a live look from mt. tam can live a pretty shallow marine layer at not seeing that really low club cover along the coastline though we do have high clustering and the now temperatures not too bad mother nature is blanket keeping us insulated copper in us a series of 59 and living costs and severance is go satellite imagery shows high clouds out there. they'll burn off in the early afternoon but how story about that. it take a
8:16 am
look at highs for today was '70s and '80s some locations such core then it will experience yesterday also pre breezy and the higher elevations right now fairfield a reported 70 mi. an hour when speeds. our review today 76 a degrees in sunnyvale we see similar conditions in the east bay operatives in fairfield pittsburg's 77-boy how close the water from a secret or conditions ocean beach only reaching 59 c 66 in alameda. the upper '70's for those of you in nappa 62 in daly city after spending a weekend with nascar racing at the sonoma raceway expert cloud cover for the morning hours '70s as it had in the afternoon not too bad for the toyota save mart 350 sought sunday on the day forecast we see similar weather into tomorrow but temperatures are heating up into early next week. by tuesday we see 90s and one of the mid-70s stateside 6
8:17 am
is for the coast and see more cloud cover by the end of the week. >> : activists and concelebrating this morning after officials pass our revenge anyone from posting lewd photos of someone on line us up consent. bilayers jail for five years or more. credit sorry you it might go against free-speech attacking someone like this crosses the line >> : in this month as the obama proving to be now for trends gender community by advancing several causes first chief executive to actually say the word transgendered in a speech. also transgendered political appointees and all this during his first term since then he has made it easier for transgendered people to update that sports obtain health insurance have surgery covered by government insurance all this done quietly with out
8:18 am
fan fair criticism. workplace policies outdated and needs reworking child- care family and overall workplace flexibility of thrills basic needs presents citing the fact that the u.s. one of three countries that does not require paid maternity leave present some businesses pursuing family from the policies of the most workers are forced to choose between work and family present planning a summit on working families coming up monday >> : in jersey gov. wrapping up a campaign to or new hampshire friday night gov. christie supporting the republican weekend it what are seen during a fund-raiser he was arrested the was considering a presidential run >> : to the fact is that " everyone on a country looking forward to 2016 if the party don't lay the
8:19 am
right groundwork as it's not that and to the we know how of sums foundation thereof. no matter what >> : the primary taking on maggie this fall in new hampshire >> : overseas now south korean soldier at large after killing three comrades one in five others at a border with north korea officials say south korean army private flood after opening fire on his comrades and night out policies assault. austria involved attache's however have been high recently with north korea is facing a series of artillery duels also certain south korea earlier. this war people facing trouble and south korea ferry disaster was of the owner of the seventh area arrested on embezzlement charges her husband still on the run this morning after 292 people killed on his very own sank back in april most of the passengers high- school students on field trips. the principle of the
8:20 am
school fired earlier this week officials say it is related to the crash of delta people from the chip are still missing >> : soccer fans looking forward to tomorrow's u.s. getting open for the game against portugal the team that the u.s. probably want to avoid not because the play or they play only location amazon rainforest which means not planning in the high heat which averages 88 degrees fahrenheit in june applying in the deep humanity you make it feel hard a breeze for anyone watter loss soccer player running for 90 minutes >> : support a houston dollars midwest is coast and a summer >> : of flaw only get there won't be as shocking as it has been to other teams. you can watch the bout. either way physically grueling
8:21 am
match for both teams as levels conditioning certain play age >> : for the u.s. still having to do about a key player who is always a hamstring injury pretty big loss as he is expected to be the goal scorer. he had broken on a scoring drought and his four-man u.s. spot clansman a very high expectations for striker so now the door u.s.-japan son and johansen to put u.s. on a scorching. no matter what stretcher clinton chooses defense will be keyed san i'm also expected to play for portugal is when in knee injury for now pause for now the sky to score from anywhere is a ball next thing is some of it as i did is he is. we'll have to be wearing a robe of a model *
8:22 am
>> : team usa very tough game ahead teaming and however admitted that the seat senate because its players cramp up and partly to blame for their loss as chile last week >> : as portugal match begins tomorrow afternoon at 3:00 p.m.. much more ahead on news weekend stay with us we p.m.. much more ahead on nheat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. watch tv virtually anywhere with the u-verse tv app. with at&t, the u-verse revolves around you. i'll have my usual ultimate cheeseburger. you can have that. or-two new versions of the ultimate cheeseburger. one has sliced jalapeños and creamy ranch sauce,
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oakland a's beat the lobos hundred sox a starting pitcher acquired earlier this wait for the ransom of $1. judge johnson with a is a lutheran run home run trade for some two weeks mel's $1 a picture give up this one scoring segment is single to the red sox in the right field but they see his answer back local christian
8:26 am
coming up a two-out single the drive and winning run shunned a little close things out with a ninth- inning 10th save for the day is giants continued to scuffle sixth game nro since a comfrey and the fourth tranche go down again for one final after earl and week absence to the back
8:27 am
problems a guy will play it to the washington d.c. next weekend. area will see leave the second round of the u.s. women's open making headlines all the year-old redwood shores has everyone talking are the 78 first- round of the women's u.s. open and shot another 78 on friday 16 over par tournament some very impressive for the u.s. open qualifier albert the other one those youngest was 13 lead but to strokes >> : all about the world cup and the u.s. beat portugal in advance and i are around. plus big guns of the aids battle red sox needed drastic on the night diamondbacks and nascar hits sonoma full half-hour of all
8:28 am
your sports needs of sunday night at 9 after the news and on at shell, we believe the world needs
8:29 am
a broader mix of energies, which is why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and why with our partner in brazil, we are producing a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane to fuel cars.
8:30 am
let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go. >> : '60s goes sideways for some warmer inland areas we do have a cloud cover up there. not as extensive as well as our earlier in week >> : we do have high clouds over sentences are right now but is actually good thing will see cloud cover for early morning hours the general results and temperatures warmer than where there would be under conditions. and said it centers in the '40's what fifties even allow the low 60s up there. satellite radar only looking at a cloud cover along the immediate coast line working its way well inland. a war that will go in the aft and burn off an afternoon by then we'll see a difference on 746 is for the cause.
8:31 am
carbon copy day tomorrow. then tested as forecast by monday we are looking at a slightly warmer conditions tuesday will be the warmest day of the week. fulbright down on a 7 there on the bay on a 45 >> : techno business school to college in danger of shutting down. that's because of the for-profit company runs a larger 50 year-old institution under scrutiny by the federal government >> : the our education is limiting granting colleges access to federal financial aid money because they're not turned in over the records of government as a quasi >> : government investigators looking and allegations of the company falsified certain job placement data and commercials other to colleges run by the currency and while sec and everett also in jeopardy, as 72,000 students nationwide since it implies a one of four campuses and bay area say it would be tragic for them the
8:32 am
the schools closed month people change lives and think that the could be stopped or interrupted a moment's notice it would be not only emotional but also financial damage to people. as a filing with the fcc executive with corinthians of the company committed three double effort to get department of education records they are requesting >> : a state business owner says she was left to defend herself shed no choice but to take the man who threatened her after the asthenic asking not suppressing customers outside of her shop and oakland >> :
8:33 am
lined up at him and the chess metaphor more feet toward me and all right here hit his head right there. owner of the sicker will cheese shop here on subscribing is scary incident having to defend herself or men became violent after chest and not to serve customers >> : at the point he said there will slap you don't mess with me. >> : subeditor man threatening knee and public day of talks again however she did wait for oakland police to, >> : government taser from behind the counter full 39/there's frustration with that. this is not the first and we had this happen >> :
8:34 am
south with an 1 mi. radius of this location under his than 34 crimes. including nine robberies and four sells frustrate shop owner's residence here tell me they feel abandoned by oakland police left to defend themselves high crime area woman as a threatened or something is going on film business is being compromised and know the plans will not show. >> : oakland city council member represents the district also on the city public safety committee >> : of equity answer john davison was looking for
8:35 am
employes and all realize bigger problems going on these are still problems as a tax paras serve to have justice rest recognition when something goes on here. she says she will keep the taser handy >> : the 78 t in the new program of commuter shuttles to use the new bus stops planned public meeting yesterday it lay staring with san francisco residents have to say about the plan. the got an earful from past firm in city hall residents against the program session already made the crowded streets even more dangerous but drug companies say the bosses make the streets less crowded. >> :
8:36 am
new come up with creative ways to be bought the cars program expenses are august 1st westing for 18 months. that calls for shuttle companies to pay $1 for every stop the make. no. bargains us around the city will be eliminated some only use about side commuter hours >> : the tech limits but then again the company's interest on the eyes on the burners space in the same problem as our businesses and the design center area that's urban stress once a dog >> : that's and now current signs weren't a possibility of the could be forced out from their current space by the social media giant >> : that is very scary go to different location even in this area business and drops off >> : and goes away and now we don't even know how the job to >> : businesses and the design center heard they will be paid of relocate but not sure whether funny other affordable space is will it be possible of this time then move is not final and
8:37 am
before story brick building not designated for office space the legislation a change that currently a stalled as we all know in >> : coffee lovers expected to pay more for morning starbucks expected the dutch have to change increasing prices >> : and about catching fire on camera and tell you where this
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
it is about to get more expensive for couples and aulos at starbucks coffee chain raising prices on some strengths by a nickel and 20¢ starting next week >> : to pick up 20¢ more to allow site of gen stepanian we live coffee prices also going up 15¢ this is the price increases kick in
8:41 am
tuesday for now press a food taster is sold will not go up but the grocery store customers feel biggest hit a dollar more soon for packaged coffee and supermarkets. a reason in part due to rising coffee bean prices >> : no more price increases aren't overpriced no more time to boycott >> : don ok with the price kossel they say it ought not paying for employees to go to college worth every penny >> : amytal do something else going on talk about jersey boys and also talking about once was for the cast members all aisles play thinking year-end double in c'mon back >> :
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
taking a look at the forecast for dealing with clause right now we are anticipating a lot of sunshine and the afternoon temperatures not too bad mother nature blanket all those clubs keeping as insulated mounds of setting up the 40's and 50's and 60's already for san jose concord sent sent francisco going out of 59 degrees trip as we had and the after >> : marie labors of revealing 70 cities through ford ave also the summer solstice the first official day of summer so we see more sunlight today than any other day of the year. looking good at 7680 in sunnyvale temperatures and the bradys like all invalid. a lot of sunshine fairfield pittsburgh little breezy and the higher elevations of boy how today using 77 and '77
8:46 am
enrichments >> : close to the coastal ocean beach to see upper 50s 77 panelists 70 over and oakland's >> : seven bear on the day forecast an air-conditioned into tomorrow. warming things up as we head into monday tuesday tubings nineties and went 76 is for the coast watter cloud cover walking up the work week >> : that moscow while the bulk of cause the most exciting time bias when this literature laughter characters in all comes together a show called once player now the current leader session is people don't know what it's like in person >> : and is true that we love to
8:47 am
tell the story about a double is singer-songwriter who was on the streets of dublin and about to give up on news a completely he meets a girl who's the bargain on the street and helps him get through what she is having trouble doing does not know what he wants to do annuls but is having trouble getting to it. a funny feisty woman. pushes them to do what he baby can do for himself and your character and on the side show sets out the set as an irish pub and we come out the star play music traditional folk music and songs tend up my tonight you
8:48 am
another drink onstage and you can learn the other zero rounds music. we all play different instruments. new dorm stage and be in the world a year as give us this world of an irish pub everything happens there >> : to see people sitting on the stage than ever been on an ant sometimes kids, stayed chargers wide loving every minute of it. of the current leader it is in san francisco all about these vessels are quite a bit. and i have the look that up. quite a bit of it so the curve. speaking of history
8:49 am
from the from seattle could wear influence is growing up i comes a shows >> : as i've come into that later on was a musician first so i love a lot of classic rock growing up play drums and embeds in seattle. in boston and moved to new york rep before that i got the acting bug and people told me is a check out these musicals like grant aida atom has doubt have to say paved the way for me and musical theater as great gravelly root root rot was authentic sound and that is what made me think that his condition as >> : but zeppelin. the top winner on about the new movie classes would directed with of course the girls don't cry. the show live here
8:50 am
chance to see this a chance for young people to go to it hit funny very romantic eyes on a low about it did of course irish >> : is called with wont hairs later be part of that july 50th of the currency it theater log on the www got >> : also there will be bringing out more ploy as well as other keeps her alive theater >> : >> : more news weather so much more show biz on kron 4 news weekend >> :
8:51 am
heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. watch tv virtually anywhere with the u-verse tv app. with at&t, the u-verse revolves around you.
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to look is shown video for blacks local os and linda this day and since labor law multimillion-dollar yacht. workers on board with the isolated as soon as a fire broke out trade fired from his blessing the funds for more than $5. the fire could not be put of authorities to know what start spared it started the blaze. the which officials say is a total loss. damages between 15 $18 million. none was chosen the world's ugliest dog contest and lime marin county fair. a look you see and he is owner cannot has unsafely raised to bring grain out for the contras from north carolina on a fund-raising will upset the order of says the dog was badly abused
8:55 am
action is the on fire by a priest owners >> : the obsessive, wasn't and lost both for nine months recovering. accuracy of 15 million hundred dollars. airline firefighters a will to rest your horse feathers fell down an embankment in castro valley. officials say the the dow fell about 53 your canyon road. crews were able to lift the course of the canyon safely one firefighter though was injured of the kick dust bowl here is thickened to the house but for evaluation >> : cat yelling >> : of this seed of videos of dollars it reunited with their dogs and their return here is the socialists got anticipating the arrival of the owners so sure who had been away at once you look in the joint the cat jumps for joy >> :
8:56 am
coming up on news weekend wanting to spend the slow summer solstice about having to the north bay and see some justin taking place along some of the events happening this weekend >> : plus a static fears goes terribly wrong after the boat crashed as to go to war crashed in a tube. the assessment talking about the new program melos, nimbuses step but many steps public this same but the coming up >> : heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures.
8:57 am
8:58 am
what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything.
8:59 am
watch tv virtually anywhere with the u-verse tv app. with at&t, the u-verse revolves around you. more fairfield fire tests to neighborhood coming up one woman's home was a vegetable is >> : ready to pay more at report stage and if you plan to park your car there explain how much more you pay and when >> : i caught a petition in san francisco is closing some drivers are not number to be close and why >> : good morning everyone links for drug tests on his weekend what is the of the
9:00 am
year which is today keith we see some light for a list justine the 15 hours cricket will clot high cost and in also pretty gorgeous tenor and as for stamps our attention as a enough of the '60s by the afternoon fairfield expected to reach 86 a mixing of 67 news along with the shoreline. since the scheme set 79 agreed to sell more than a little ahead very similar weather and to sunday temperatures warm and back up briefly into early next week >> : highlighting the chances of even some rain as we head into the latter half of the week all the coming up with a seven day run in finance >> : to begin this hour is with developing news in fairfield were fired for is keeping an eye on a brush fire in a good five alarms less like destroying or damaging several homes and buildings >> :
9:01 am
we take a look at what's left of the one home burned in this place you see the bathtub the one thing that did not melt. some alarm fire also destroying several out buildings and damage and another member homes this morning much better look at the damage caused by fire l: 5 record fiery conceal the homes in the background the blaze to read the middle of this neighborhood and number of challenges for fire crews >> : kron 345 yesterday afternoon appearance at 681 fairfield few hundred yards away is wrong when push embers over the interstate trucks and the blaze through the sand along central wade >> : with showing the black smoke billowing in the sky but they did contain the blaze from 5:00 last night but of a kid was living nearby and a short time ago spoke with
9:02 am
one woman whose home is now a singed on the outside do to flames but stranded stay positive this morning >> : for surely we have the house. it's all the matters >> : east of a smile on this man. one of those things things happen and the shows here we are. crews called douglas in this morning's 6:00 house was pop back up: cordially of fire and also of the rubble. workers this morning sale expected deal with smolder in the areas of of several listed the same cause of fire remains under investigation the come back out here live for one minor injury to a firefighter let's let's fire fighters unanswerable. up the arctic to be ok to people displaced in his place the vest with members fire officials tell me mother for daughter and
9:03 am
daughters boyfriend who live inside the home banking this even more said just losing your home and the firm told the daughter was sent to get married as a couple weeks from now and her wedding dress was amongst the items burns and this fire area known for high gusty winds with the situation like this morning >> : very windy you very windy here yesterday morning that four firefighters talked about and really cause the biggest issue because the number is blowing over the interstate of fire died down last night that held fire crews to the content displays but because and wendy this one in the category of a neighbor fire chief slathering areas keep it to ensure as we continue to follow the latest on this fire in fairfield a continued keep an eye on the scene also up its four you are website kron4-dot-com as
9:04 am
well as facebook twitter pages >> : their berkeley left 10 people without homes official said the first aired on the ground for all hall and built a wade. then spread to the attic their fares: o'clock this morning that fire up by 2:00 a.m. fire officials say the damage caused by the fire is estimated at three under thousand dollars a ton dulse displaced receive assistance from their friends or from american red cross causal fireman's under investigation this morning and oakland police arrested two men because the victim they robbed at gunpoint give a very good description of the suspect to police to happen thursday on 35th avenue the victim was from the gunpoint able to give officers a very good description of the car in roberts' letter that my police spotted the car and suspects a seminary bread crossway then was able to identify the man they've found illegally possessed
9:05 am
firearms in the car guzman charged for the robbery >> : taking steps to try and prevent sexual violence on the campus as ec president announcing taskforce to do just that the group develops systemwide practices for all areas of sexual violence protection investigation and response the task force including members of the sea border regions campus police and the to my advocacy groups ec officials said earlier this year to strengthen policy against sexual domestic violence socking and harassment >> : the feet of parked several bart stations and oil by 50¢ next month. this affects nearly two dozen stations and the bay area first to the high goes up and enjoy 14th arrests followed july 28th at many stations dublin pleasanton's in brno they will boy parking at and parking lot usage every six months or so to change the fee depending on how
9:06 am
>> : the barking's of francisco parking meters on sundays >> : as mca make the announcement earlier this week people need a few meters support 7 cisco " fisherman's wharf and some other benchmark months minding the public of the change in policy goes into effect july 6th traffic on finis lumbar street clothes the public starting and few hours at noon today was to live on and on the street will complain of the traffic because so many tourists taking pictures and people going other way down the street signs this week among are also close on a fourth of july 3rd other weekend as well >> :
9:07 am
how quadriceps area and as a share on for this ministry. look at what when mr. will be closed on kron4-dot-com talk a little showbiz with gen. and the value of four seasons the jersey boy is where you sing just too good to be true we view the new movie directed by clint eastwood on the kron 4 did you remember to pay the dog sitter?
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5, is winning another five the border with north korean officials say north to south korea private lot fled after comrades east of seoul. austria is involved. tensions have been higher lately the screen staging
9:12 am
missile artillery duels and threatening south korea's leader >> : where people facing trouble in the wake of that self krio ferry disaster the life of the owner of the sunken ferry boat are arrested on embezzlement charges laws and so on the run after to under 92 people killed on the ferry boat went back in april >> : was passengers has will students on field trips the council fire earlier that week. related to the crash >> : to of people from the ship listed as missing >> : much more ahead on news began forecast for if the break month
9:13 am
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will come backweekend heading o cloud cover up their clear conditions and loans. as for temperatures low 60s more to the area 64 and leaving a house and concord livermore.
9:16 am
the low clouds to the coastline not. that's the extent of it. except his tale of sunshine in the afternoon 70 cities for the forecast in all and all 87 today won the hot spots on view the high as 76 similar conditions in the east bay little breezy in the higher elevations >> : fairfield 77 and vallejo some places close to the coastline will be, " said richmond 6466 m ocean beach hitting a high 5977 in petaluma. the spending weekend with the save for a 350 nascar racing conditions for the morning hours of sunshine sunday by the afternoon >> : or more other into early next week tuesday shipping up the be the warmest day of the week with that said the '90s and lends low 60s out of the coast >> : temperatures drop off into a letter half of the week it was the conditions even some
9:17 am
close voters look >> : talking about all morning long summer solstice longest day of the year also official start of summer solvents to about where we can spend that extra moment in the sun say ever from the front when the food and medieval jousting which sounds interesting what things to do on long as there the year store the justin this is really something plenty of fun under the sun this week for sure. but the very famous winery up and also the costello that glamorous of the coast of medieval festival this so they are enduring courage to dress up and medieval stuff justin tournaments' we can also do it tester archer's skills fire dancing sword fighting its opinion of the sort of game thrones. what people that show they're out there
9:18 am
great way to live out their fancy. we're all done with an annual fund you all gather for an outdoor media will face plenty of this a good time >> : so pricier than of the lens of its rob hundred $25 per one club members hundred 55491 cult members. indefinite hold of that one little cycle watter fun also talking about a number want a whole different kettle change pace with family winery host summer solstice, circle family your familiar with them because of the bars of and a few years back they opened up their own winery tasting and up and sent below the nominal they bite family sponsors care to begin a warriors and one wonders so this evening they
9:19 am
are going to be hosting this concert will hierarch soul. if you're hungry to get food from food trucks your own picnic basket and of course there of wine and the bottle. or santana road a line food stroll so you get the stick over the all outdoor mall and its great the $35 per person need a stroll through the mall food wont sampling all the is shop opportunities. break cool thing is for the $35 for person proceeds benefit the bill wilson center 0 local use center helps with kids adoption services
9:20 am
family counseling things like that. the $85 a person is to wind gust discounts signature wine glass for the occasion and also one not to ignore a shopping spree. greenspan the day it moving to san francisco were the place is talking about all about pork >> : vegetarians out there may want to of not for you but if your car or $1 of debt for you >> : at the gross process high on a hot event since then >> : takes place on the bayside patio overlooking the beautiful view right there the bay bridge. plenty of great barbecue legends chefs from the bay area cooking up inspired many. what what is
9:21 am
a courtesy of the oilman other entertainment corp. gold plus compositions and even a poor conspired desert during for this one askance and which made with chocolates of baking cookies and chocolate bacon us together like basically bacon as popular and about anything >> : to get $65 proceeds benefit the guide dogs for the blind and even yoga puppies their this is were i will be tomorrow probably the most popular food wine festival in marin county mill valley market one beer gourmet food tasting near the town
9:22 am
square or 60 winery's represented their food eat food for local restaurant also 15 crafts beers. then this is what i love. a complementary bill unless the will parking. also a kids don't sell even given free parents want to be drinking lyneham insurer to the world center of arts crafts are tenant kids ages 2-8. 50 of us for person proceeds benefit local nonprofits including can no benefits the marin county schools allow schools to give you free sunglasses.
9:23 am
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9:26 am
and is bidding red sox lost my coliseum. >> : earlier the sit for the birth of grandson $1 >> : blazers' darden donald johnson getting this three not run home game of the mills would give up our run scoring single letter on in the game to give minorities with a single to right boston time is it up with them and is coker's with a two-out single driving up the and winning run and a is walk away victorious trundle
9:27 am
little touching in the ninth for time the sale of days) are spending 23 have four innings on his mark in the american league days with the victory remains extends up on the angels and the als >> : 41 errors on giants still atop the nl lost nine of 10 games >> : all about the world cup weaken the u.s. beat port from portugal not around + big doings at the coliseum
9:28 am
day of battle renaissance drastic on the diamondbacks and nascar his sonoma full half-hour of all sports emmys sunday night and 9 right after the news >> : coming up on newsweek and business are forced to defend himself against a predator she says police were not quick off the story coming up >> :
9:29 am
9:30 am
a lot of sunshine temperatures even warmer than average for inland areas and cities today and we have been looking live from out to him all morning long saying some cloud cover not really the case anymore in fact are racing was more sunshine with the temperature is starting to warm dealing concord right now 64 out the door of gunsel the upper 50s san francisco right now 60 degrees and a dislike 60 currently in center of the
9:31 am
cloud cover right now pulling back. not as widespread and adults look stunning clicker clear conditions in the north by more pot are likely conditions along the coast wednesday afternoon. for some interest mid-80s and lends '70s base side similar weather as we head into tomorrow. warm things up into early next week. full details on that coming up >> : the business school college in danger of shutting down because of a for-profit company that runs the 150 year-old institution under scrutiny by the federal government >> : the department of education manning printing colleges excess of federal financial aid money. because they have not turned over records of the government is requesting the >> : government must aginners' but in the allegations the company falsified certain jobs plasma data in the commercials to other colleges run by quentin well upset and everett also in jeopardy combined 72,000
9:32 am
students nationwide one-half billion dollars in government funding since living class at a 1 1/4 to campuses and the bay area transit for them if the schools closed >> : i think we should and hopefully rectifies itself as soon as possible. the company is committed to double its efforts to get the department of education and the doctors there question. a man threatened to after >> :
9:33 am
the store are after how long it took police four to respond for call for help. at the here and towards me as canada the second table told the kids are lighted up at him in the chest and added four more feet towards may and fell right here on the ground hit his head right there >> : john davis and the sacred will choose shop owner. describing as scary incident happening to defend herself when the met on land became violent after she asked not to disturb her customers >> : and the point he said i will slap you don't mess with me. i went inside call the police and so i had a man threatening may and refusing the leaves. however she did say she didn't wait. full 30 minutes lapsed mood to in my first phone call to a point of an office are arriving on st. >> : others fought some frustration with thatamily had n
9:34 am
in effect earlier this week a woman attacked beaten and robbed a few blocks away from right here close look of this oakland police map reveals for the past seven days or one mauryas of this location and there were 34 crimes >> : including nine robberies' forestalls >> : shopowners residents here say they feel abandoned by oakland police that's to defend itself, a crime area >> : i feel threatens or coming goes on or feel my business is being compromised i know it won't show up. a trade deal was armed by when crimes is top priority oakland city council member the district also city public safety committee not say other crimes don't get paid attention to car break- ins that's where there is known around but we pay attention to those in turn deal with those but the amount the more support from
9:35 am
clinton could turn investigate most lichens and most serious was ordered to more of. not quite answer john davison was looking for realize is bigger problems going on but these are still problems of the taxpayers deserve to have justice and recognition when i feel something is going on that deserves to be recognized until the day comes she'll keep her tits are handy >> : as fmc a talking about a program that allows computer charles sees many bus stops in san francisco but they hold a public hearing yesterday to find out what sentences gorges and think about the plan the got an earful from the past roomette city hall residents say the program who are against it. 21 days runs through my neighborhood a lecture boss security easily tons a foot traffic
9:36 am
tons of pedestrians i think is dangerous >> : if the position that traffic congestion become unsustainable and the bay area and we the, with creative ways to get people out of the cars >> : a program expected to start august 1st us for 18 months that calls for shuttle companies to pay $1 for every stop to make an addition arkansas from the city will be eliminated some only usable on outside commute hours >> : so coming up more mocha means more money a list of your shopping a one coffee chain were some drinks are seen the price hike. trustee martin recovering after the crash and how the driver or branded him as being punished him alive look from our camera high clouds over seven cisco talk about that and high coming up >> :
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more expensive for of analog said starbucks coffee chain raising prices on some of those trends by 5¢ to 20 starting next week it expects to pay up to 20¢ more for what some other market trends and the emigration bird coffee prices also boy about 15¢ stars as the price increase look again tuesday but for now the price of food pastry solis are box, increase. meantime the pressures store customers to the biggest hit. the dollar more for packaged coffee
9:41 am
that starbucks sells in supermarkets prison they say impart to do to coffee bean prices >> : on monday not to miss the special summer at a family of venture special coming up next week when our special showing you the great places incredibly places for kids of family read the bill is one day and ventures for a whole family great summer fun for everyone next friday and june 27th at 9:00 p.m. >> :
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to the premiere in 2016 tv
9:51 am
services streaming one made the announcement thursday details reportedly sold a markdown of the says the show will embrace the comedians on filtered opinion. definitely on filtered. their timing culture issues. will feature signature and the news and views. this alicea with a talk show on ino that will end in two months. so much going on in the news >> : of the hon of flex reinvented itself releasing these programs >> : were talking about a very popular woman >> : now it's time for a don't drink >> : of sit a couple times she was drinking too much king card-and one of my least favorite people on the plan at seven sites on a career in music >> : and is considered a all seen
9:52 am
career not be the 33 roles first time and recording studio to all the love and she had a song title jammed turn at all for fun and charity >> : affects people's recordings of american slang and that's what they're doing with her >> : the offering such as will the arse story in queens when he grew up according to billboard magazine he a contends the and aggression but liddy garbo was rotten and so will a state she is seen right here. story of old cold quarter and sinatra tuesday this week delivered if i believe you than i believe you now all
9:53 am
over cell francisco hilton hotel pam had saw the event with promoting protecting lives of women in the workplace anita hill gave the keynote inspiring the press room with a message to stand up to prejudiced harassment retire i was there i met anita hill it was an honor inspiring a very great, harris was there and of course pam did a at shell, we believe the world needs a broader mix of energies, which is why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and why with our partner in brazil, we are producing a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane to fuel cars. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go.
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take your time. no rcome on.y. with the chase mobile app you can get a lot done in a little amount of time from transferring funds wait a minute. you've got to be kidding. did you guys see that? that ball was out. to paying your coach for adding five miles per hour to your serve. that ball wasn't in. get your eyes checked. help me out here. download the best mobile app today. so you can always have the advantage. chase. so you can
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heat shields are compromised. we what's that alarm?ures. fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. watch tv virtually anywhere with the u-verse tv app. with at&t, the u-verse revolves around you. hot air balloon middle landing at a prison thursday afternoon will the when bull-letter balloon in a parking lot the spokeswoman said the balloon was low on fuel trying to land and a field across the street. prison plopped down for half an hour and all went down all inmates happen to be outside >> : they were out in the recreation yard some of
9:57 am
them not and here in this vicinity but once they were notified all and it's taken inside. >> : the crew chief for the balloons and it was not an emergency landing for the balloon it was to passengers and permission to land shortly before the landing took place on the first test on a summer of will have to see eighties and when '70s bayside and '60s for the coast of boyer temperatures, norman to next week it could cfe low 90s by about tuesday >> : also possibility of sprinkles >> : thursday and friday 10 percent chance we could see jurors so cloud cover. a scar wraps things up for us we will see you again tomorrow have year get some good date with sunshine >> : good date with sunshine >> : i'll have my usual ultimate cheeseburger. you can have that. or-two new versions of the ultimate cheeseburger.
9:58 am
one has sliced jalapeños and creamy ranch sauce, the other has sweet and tangy barbecue sauce and grilled onions, plus double meat and cheese like the original. new versions...? two new versions! now, this was just a training video, but these twists on my ultimate cheeseburger will blow people's minds. is that guy ok?
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bottle wake of the red tag seller pour home appliance you see red you say a lot of money. where are conquered so richard show them love >> : will show you loved coz if your bay area bargains dealer in the city the money of the watch the show coming up right now on bay area bargains states and >> : here we are on the shoreham in concord. and the red tag one of


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